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China Trading since 2007

With the requirements of our customers growing and out of the passion for having our portfolio growing as well, we have decided to opt for a direct trade with . In some cases it might be better and faster not to rely on a foreign middleman and hop onto a less complicated, yet sometimes more risky track.

Maybe even kids know that majority of leading global companies have moved manufacturing of their brands to China.

We have travelled around for month and visited dozens of factories in various regions, met their executives and owners.

In the past, we had seen several similar facilities in Europe thus there was a measure to compare this experience with.

In countless aspects, China is a country of vast contrasts – and this applies in the manufacturing quality as well. Yet what we had seen differed from our expectations dramatically and in every angle. China is no more a tag for the second-grade goods.


The first product samples, ordering of a first cargo and the finalization of the first bigger order is several years back in our history. And since that moment in time we have built up a stable background, a team of reliable partners and gained the necessary experience and skills to estimate benefits and avoid potential risks.

Together with the team in the Czech republic, our colleagues back in Shanghai, Nanjing and other strategic Chinese regions are ready to arrange the required services, up-to-date Chinese market information, summaries, surveys and prepare responsible recommendations in any field relevant to our customers.

Due to a rapid economical growth of this country we are also noticing another change – a great demand for European and US imports to China – both in products and services.


When buying Chinese products it is necessary to mind:

Not everything coming from China is cheap, not everything cheap is also good. The quality is paid for everywhere.


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