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China trading since 2007


Considering business with a Chinese subject?

Below you will find list of some of our services you might find helpful then:

Supervision of the Chinese suppliers through the entire order-purchase export process


Market research


Strategic planning


Pre-selection of suitable partners and their background check

Quality control and product samples prior the shipment

Contract proposals and negotiations

Production quality inspectionsand delivery accuracy supervision

Full span of logistic services all the way up to the final destination





We can carry out not only a benchmark study and price comparison research but also a background check on a considered supplier.


We will arrange a list of several suppliers with comparison of their products, prices, delivery and invoicing conditions.


The final selection of the supplier is indeed all yours – but no matter if your key criteria is the price, the quality, the time or any other possible regard we strongly recommend an up-close and personal meeting with the prospective business partner in their facility in China prior signing any contract.

It is always better to get to know your business partner personally first - not only in Europe - but in China as well.



It is fast and simple to find a Chinese producer – all you have to do is go to one of those notorious B2B portals like Alibaba, Made-In-China, Tradekey…the list goes on and on. But like with many fast and simple solutions one should be very cautious when opting for them.

These portals can locate high quality products at hard-to-beat prices…but the one who offers them that self-confidently does not necessarily have to own it. Sometimes they have even never seen the products…for anybody can post and offer anything in here.

So it happens that a representative of a renowned manufacturer can turn out a mere virtual person; you will receive low-quality fakes instead your high-end order…or even nothing at all.

Have your ears pricked up and keep your eyes open when you bump into a company offering their goods for prices sounding like a fairy-tale and at heavenly conditions. Things are not always what they appear to be.


We co-operate with well-proven partners only – and on top of that, thanks to our people permanently residing in China, we always carry out an in-depth inspection of any new manufacturer and venue during the background check you have asked for.



It happens quite often: no supplier is capable of producing whatever it is you need within the date you require or without compromising some of the product features or delivery conditions.

You should calculate with some compromises upon the order placement when both parties are new business partners – sometimes in the pricing, sometimes in the payment conditions or delivery dates.


In these (sometimes tough, though) deals we can distinctively help and assist you in the negotiations or in finding of an alternative solution as close to your requirements as is possible.



Our products are priced according to the payment conditions required:

1. Smooth payments

Means a deposit paid upon the contract signing and the balance paid prior loading or shipment. These are usually required from the first time customers.

2. LOC or Collateral

Balance payments up to the extent of 100% of the purchase price can be provided through the Irrevocable Letter of Credit. This is the safest payment method for both parties.

3. Postponed maturity/ Extraordinary payment conditions

In some cases, the purchaser is not capable of the balance payment prior the delivery to the final destination (project re-financing etc.)

In these cases the suppliers’ export finance company runs the solvency check on the purchaser. If the required necessary documentation is submitted and consequently approved by the insurance company the purchaser can obtain the postponed maturity – up to several weeks.

The longer is the partnership history between the supplier and the purchaser the easier is obtaining the extraordinary conditions for the deal to be finalized.



  • You can profit from the direct import and save on the middleman’s fees.
  • You can get the guarantees directly from the manufacturer
  • China is a leading superpower and doing business with the manufacturers there is going to bring you a competitive advantage
  • China is not a producer of a second-grade goods anymore; majority of leading western brands has moved their production into the manufacturing facilities in China





China trading






Utilizing the solar energy

There would be no life on the Earth without the solar energy. The solar energy arrives rather diminished on the surface of our planet; part of this energy is being bounced back when entering the atmosphere. The systems helping to utilize the solar energy more efficiently are getting more and more advanced and sophisticated.


According to the type of use the photovoltaic systems can be split into two groups (see below). The undisputedly most important are the grid system. Each photovoltaic system consists of the photovoltaic modules and the voltage transformer. The whole photovoltaic principle can be briefly and simply described: the solar photons incidence onto a solar panel transits into the electrons. The electrons are conducted to the inverter (through the electrodes) where the direct current (DC) is being transformed into the alternating current (AC).

Our services

Feasibility studies for photovoltaic (PV) power station (PS)

Financial consulting of the PVPS projects

We help with finding of the funding for the PVPS, (both small and large sized)

We can help with drafting of the proposals for a bank (the economical analysis, simplified business plan) in cases of the bigger installations (a fee is charged for the service)

We can recommend how to get your project insured

We can recommend reliable installation companies in every region

Feasibility studies for PVPS

The study will evaluate your PVPS business plan as for the technical feasibility, location and parameterization, the choice of technology engaged, energetic incomes calculation, operational costs and funding options

Consulting for PVPS funding

Operational costs and banking loans options for PVPS.

PVPS Installation funding assistance

We are in both in contact with banks and mapping their conditions and readiness to fund the FVPS projects. We can help you to pick the right banking institution, get all the necessary paper work done and obtain the loan.

PVPS project documentation

We can arrange project documentation for your PVPS from the experienced specialists (both the construction and the electrical part)

The prices of the solar modules are being derived from the up-to-date exchange rate. For a specific price offer and related information contact us at


We offer various non-cash payment tools in order to secure a smooth delivery process of the modules. The payment conditions, including Postponed Maturity (in case of re-financing of the PVPS) will be set upon agreement.

For securing of the contractual guarantees, the contracts can be also signed directly with the manufacturer.

PV modules – a bit of theory

In order to transform the solar energy into the photovoltaic energy the free electrons and the electric potential capable of getting those electrons moving are necessary.

The photovoltaic modules are divided according to the type of the solar cells into following groups:

Monocrystalline cells – made of monocrystalline silicone, the oldest types of the photovoltaic cells. Their manufacturing is based on gradual drawing of the crystalline nucleus out of a very pure silicone meltage.


Polycrystalline cells – currently the most frequented type. Their manufacturing is based on casting of pure silicon into molds and consequent slicing-up.


Amorphous cells – distinctively cheaper to make compared to the previous ones. Their manufacturing is based on the technology of decomposing of the silicone compounds.


The energy generated by the PV system is further on transformed into the electric energy, used in the grid. PV system is producing the Direct Current – and that must be transformed into the Alternating Current. This is the main role of the PV inverter. Yet the PV inverter has many other functions, for example the grid monitoring, operation monitoring or safety functions.


LX Energy, s.r.o. offers dozens types of PV inverters from leading manufacturers.


Currently, we offer inverters from our partners:


SMA, Fronius, Kaco, AEG, DELTA Electronics, etc.


For an unbinding price offer of a specific product or for more information, contact





China Trading


LED Technologies


Lightning Division of our company focuses on distribution of the LED based lightning. This particular technology is the most up-to-date and the most cost-effective lightning technology of present day. Additional advantage to this smart technology is the economy of operation resulting into a distinctively smarter luminosity. But it is not just the economy and quality of light what makes LED lighting attractive: their lifespan can be up to 15 000 hours.